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"Can you provide me with a maintenance plan?"

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

When our customers come to us with general maintenance, or catastrophic engine failure - we often get asked about creating a maintenance plan to avoid costly repairs.

Here's how we can set you up to be worry free and down the road.

Cleland Automove Listowel Mechanic Shop Automotive Repair
Cleland Automotive in Listowel ontario

When you come into Cleland Automotive for your next service, we will confirm the recommended maintenance that your vehicles manufacturer requires.

Using their recommendations as a guide, we can help prevent costly repairs with simple maintenance like oil changes, piece of mind services, and other basic care.

"Routine scheduled maintenance costs can range from $500 to $700 a year. That includes oil changes, replacing air filters and more. This doesn’t include replacing old tires or purchasing winter tires." (Source: BCAA/CAA)

Failing to take proper care of your vehicle will almost always lead to very expensive repairs, such as engine failure - costing you thousands of extra dollars and down time.

We work on all makes and models, and will help set you up with a proper plan - so you don't end up being stuck on the roadside at the wrong time.

Come visit us at Cleland Automotive!

Phone: 519-444-8120

Monday-Friday: 8-5pm | Saturday: by appointment only

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